About Us

Have you ever received a compliment or a kind word when you really needed it? What about someone greeting you with a sincere smile. Or have you had a random conversation with someone because they had great energy and you just couldn't stop! That is me. Hi my name is Ivana and I am the Queen Bee and creator, designer, and owner of Bee The Positive!
 This idea came from noticing what an incredible impact random kind and encouraging words had on people I was around on a regular basis and even strangers.
I was told by so many people that I was so positive despite the pain and trauma I had experienced in my life, and one day someone asked me why. I said, aside from being saved by the grace of God, I choose to be happy, because sometimes when you can't see the positive you have to be the positive.
In 2017, when I said those words, it just felt so right! Then shortly after a dear friend of mine referred to me as their positive. That’s when it occurred to me that positivity can be the positive for other people as well! Soon it was my motto and I became very passionate about it. So after a couple years of deciding how I was going to share this message I decided to pair it with a childhood dream of mine which is to own my own T shirt design company!
So, that is where we are now. Speaking positive encouraging words into people around us. We hope to see this company, and what it stands for, grow into a movement across the globe. Share the joy with people you know and you can be the joy they might need at that moment.
In a world full of negative media, negative messages, and negative influence you can choose to BEE the POSITIVE. Imagine holding up a sign that says an encouraging word on it! How many lives would that word touch and possibly change? In one day how many places do you go? How many people do you see? How many posts do you make? Think about how many lives you can impact with a single shirt! That is why we exist. To spread the message of intentional encouragement and start a movement of encouraging people encouraging people. Come join us!