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“Don’t clip your wings to fit in the box” -Ivana SuterI came up with this saying the day I was told I was “too me”. It means don’t change who you are to please other people. Don’t give up what makes you YOU to appease someone else. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.Don’t fear the awesomeness inside you. Did you know that when a caterpillar goes into the chrysalis it breaks down on the cellular level. It gets completely destroyed and rebuilds from the inside out until it is ready to break free now a completely new creature no longer held back by the weight of the world (gravity) it is free to #flyfreeI’ve had people call me a butterfly because of all the stuff I have been through in my life.Neglect,abuse,abandonment,homelessness,trauma ,and even hopelessness (suicidal ideation) but I refused to give up! I knew there was something that was going to come out of all of it… and oh boy! If you are going through something right now just wait, the breakthrough is going to be amazing!#beethepositive Photo credit to the Awesome Nate Croft T-shirt from Beethepositive.com Hair by the fabulous Dawn Kron, stylist at Salon Yeager